Holiday Apartment Eulenschlupf Spreewald

Currently available weeks in the "Eulenschlupf"

Dear guests, our holiday apartment is taken care of by ourselves, therefore we only offer weekly rentals Saturday to Saturday. Of course, there are things we as well as you have to take care of – business matters, trips or private travels.
There are bookings coming in and availability changes occur quickly.
Therefore, it is easier to check currently available dates in the following overview.
We can still offer the following weeks:

until April 13th 2019 weekly by your booking request.
April 31.3. - 6.4. 6.4. - 13.4., Eastern not available
May 12.5.-18.5.
June -
July -
August 10.8.-17.8. 17.8.-24.8. 24.8.-31.8.
September 7.9.-13.9. 22.9.-28.9.
October 28.9.-5.10. 19.10.-26.10. 26.10.-2.11.